Thursday, December 22, 2005

Multi-Talented Football Players

I'm going to try and post stories talking about some of the many GOOD things going on in college sports, and I found a good one to start with, published in the October 2005 issue of "Sharing the Victory," the publication of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Proving that all college football players are not not roaming the streets at all hours looking for trouble, a group from the North Carolina A&T squad decided to spend their time doing something different-singing.

These guys are good! They are directed by Alonzo Lee, who also serves as the Aggies' assistant head coach/defensive coordinator. The group, started in 2004, sings gospel music and has performed in front of crowds as large as 5,000 in the Greensboro area. As many as 30 players have participated in the group at one time.

Since they drew the attention of a Greensboro News-Record reporter, they have had more invitations than they were able to schedule. Their most difficult performance was at the memorial service for murdered teammate Herbert Dixon III in March, 2004. Scheduled to do only two songs, their music filled the church with such spirit that the mourners emplored them to keep singing and balance the sadness with the joy of God's love.

The Aggies struggled on the field this year, finishing with a 3-8 record, but a core group of the team scored victories in other areas.


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