Saturday, February 11, 2006

Doyel - "Back off, Coach K"

Gregg Doyel, CBS Sportsline's lead college basketball writer, called out Coach K in a recent column.

Doyel, who I got to know a little bit when he covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, litterally wrote the book on Coach K. His book, "Coach K: Building the Duke Dynasty" was published in 1999 and is worth a read if you haven't done so already. I mention this to point out that Doyel is not just a national columinst who forms his opinions by watching games on TV and occassionally dropping by Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Here's the money line, "You cannot allow people to go around pointing at officials and yelling at them without technicals being called. That is just not allowed. So let's get some things straight around here and quit the double standard that exists in this league, all right?"

That was a quote from a January 21, 1984 press conference when Coach K was complaining about North Carolina coach Dean Smith. Can you day double standard?


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