Tuesday, March 07, 2006

USBWA All-American Team

The US Basketball Writers Association just announced their first and second team All Americans.


J. J. Redick, Duke
Adam Morrison, Gonzaga
Shelden Williams, Duke
Brandon Roy, Washington
Randy Foye, Villanova

I've got no problems with this group--I voted for all five of them and feel they are deserving.


Rodney Carney, Memphis
Leon Powe, California
P. J. Tucker, Texas
Dee Brown, Illinois
Rudy Gay, Connecticut

Carney is the only player in this group I voted for. I seriously considered Powe and Tucker and don't have much of a problem with them making it.

I also considered Dee Brown, but found him far too inconsistent to rank among the ten best players in the nation. His shooting percentage is 37% and only 32% for three-pointers. His 5.6 assists are solid, but not nearly enough to make up for his horrendous shooting, which has deteriorated as the season progressed.

Then there is Rudy Gay, the only player whose name being on this list really pissed me off. As I've grown older (not old, mind you, just older--big difference), my tollerance for some things has diminished. I watch a lot more games with the sound muted than I ever used to, for example. Another pet peeve is watching a gifted athlete coast through solely on the basis of his talent and playing hard only when the mood strikes him. That is what I've seen of Rudy Gay. He is clearly one of the most talented playes in the nation and can, when inspired, make plays few others in college basketball are capable of. He has had a few outstanding games this season, but has more often just blended into the woodwork of the court. In Sunday's 84-80 win by Connecticut over Louisville, he made only 1-6 shots, grabbed only three rebounds, and committed three turnovers. In my opinion, he has had far too many games this season where he has not been a factor to merit All-American recognition.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Pradamaster said...

I'm with you on Gay. I feel like the only reason he was selected was because they needed someone from Connecticut, the best team in the country. There were so many big guys deserving of that spot, namely Glen Davis of LSU, Nick Fazekas of Nevada, or even Tyler Hansbrough of UNC. I also would have liked to see a small-major guy like Keydren Clark or Steve Burt, but I guess that was asking too much.

Saying Gay was one of the Top 10 players in the country is wrong. An All-American cannot be as inconsistent as Gay was this season. Because he played for Uconn and his name was Rudy Gay, he was selected, but I agree that there were many more deserving players, even if none of them were on your previous list.


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