Sunday, April 09, 2006

The CourtMaster Look Ahead

You may have noticed that I haven't posted that much during the past week. To be honest, I needed to step back a bit after going hard since pre-season college football practice began last August. I had a lot of fun writing for Southern Pigskin and Duke Basketball Report along with what I posted directly here. There have been a lot of radio appearances too, especially with my buddy Bob Hayine on WNST 1570 in Baltimore and Thom Abraham on WUMP 730 in Huntsville, AL.

So what lies ahead for The CourtMaster?

My posts here will take one of three forms:

1) Continued commentary on the news in college sports, primarily football and men's basketball. I'll dip into other sports as the occassion presents itself, as I have with recent posts about women's hoops and men's lacrosse.

2) A lot of sports commentary has, by it's nature, a negative tone to it. Let's face it, columns that rip some deserving knucklehead are usually easier to write and entertaining to read. I want to go beyond that and run a continuing series calles "Good News in College Sports." Just like it says, I want to highlight stories you may not have heard about but are worth your time. The good news in sports doesn't often attract headlines, but they will here.

3) Over the past few years, I've accumulated a library of over 500 books written about college sports which continues to grow. I'll be going through some of them this spring and summer and sharing my book reviews with you. Some will be for recently published titles, others will go back 50 years or more. I hope you'll enjoy them and share your comments if you have read one that I review.

That's how the next few months on "The CourtMaster Rules on College Sports" shakes out at this point. I'll also be entering into an additional venture over the next few weeks that I'll let you know about.

I'd like to personally thank each of the 11,000 visitors I've had since Labor Day, but hopefully you'll accept a sincere "Thanks!" here.


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your posts here and on DBR. Keep up the good work!


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