Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blue Ribbon Yearbook: Truth in Advertising

The Blue Ribbon College Yearbooks are advertised as "The most Comprehensive Guide on the Market." If anything, editor Chris Dortch and his staff are being modest.

Coming soon is the 2006 edition of the Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook, 384 pages of analysis that goes far beyond what you will find anywhere else. The yearbook reviews each Division 1-A team position by position. It also covers the coaching staffs, provides a review of the prior season, forecasts the impact of incoming recruits, and makes their fearless predictions.

There are plenty of statistics here, but what sets the Blue Ribbon guides apart is the depth of the narrative they provide. If you want a volume of numbers or a collection of action photos or sexy cheerleaders, you need to buy another preview guide. If you want the best collection of information and analysis available that covers the entire nation, you need the Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook.

The 2006 edition will be shipping soon. You can purchase it through their website. They also have the 2004 and 2005 editions of both the football and basketball yearbooks available if you want to fill out your collection.


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