Saturday, September 02, 2006

Good News: Coming Back from a Horrible Knee Injury

During the final game of the 2004 football season, Maryland's Josh Allen suffered a knee injury that resulted in his left knee just dangling from his leg. He tore pretty much everything one can tear in a knee and wound up with his leg immobilized for 10 weeks. He also couldn't shower or bath for three weeks, adding insult to injury.

In this article from the Baltimore Sun, Allen talks about his rehab. Here's one quote:

"The whole time, the thing that got me through it was believing in God, and that what is meant to be will be," he said. "If I'm meant to come back from this and play football again, it's gonna happen. If it's not, I feel good knowing I put everything into it."

He'll step on the field for game action tonight for the first time since the injury, a feat which will stand out more than any yards he gains or the result of the game.

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