Sunday, February 12, 2006

Note to Mike Davis: Quit Whining

Indiana men's basketball coach Mike Davis was forced to miss Saturday's 70-67 loss to Iowa because he was sick with the flu.

He wasn't too sick to whine, however.

In this column by ESPN's Andy Katz, Davis complains about the negativity surrounding the Indiana program and whines about how it has his players "playing with no energy."

It's always someone else's fault, isn't it Mike? Davis was thrown into a very difficult situation in 2001 when he assumed the Hoosiers' job after Bob Knight was shown the door. There is still a faction of the fan base that has not gotten over that and will not embrace Davis. Not that he's done much to earn their affection.

Davis has lived for four seasons off a hot streak Indiana had in the 2002 NCAA tournament that included an upset of #1 Duke and a trip to the championship game, where they lost to Maryland. The Hoosiers made this trip with veteran players Knight had recruited along with a special freshman, Jared Jeffries. Shortly after that tournament, Davis started whining about how his efforts had not been appreciated and how he deserved a big contract extension to keep him from jumping to the NBA.

Indiana has failed to make the last two NCAA tournaments, and have been set back this year with the injury to D. J. White. They will probably make the big dance this year, but with a record of 13-8, 5-5 in the Big Ten, the Hoosiers still have some work to do.

If they fail, though, count on Davis to tell you why it is everyone else's fault but his own. Hopefully he'll grow up at his next job.


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