Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thoughts on Championship Saturday-Part 2

1:35 My friend Steve arrived just in time for the big games—the ACC semifinals. It’s time to get serious.

1:36 The CourtMrs, my wife Brenda, just asked “so what is a Demon Deacon, anyway?” A five minute discussion of unique college mascots ensued. So much for getting serious.

1:52 I just saw Wake Forest’s Harvey Hale bring the ball up court and wondered, “Have there ever been any good basketball players named Harvey?” Seriously, I’m asking.

2:05 Steve started trying to make a case for Wake Forest earing a NCAA bid if they beat Duke. I threaten him with a time-out. He correctly points out that the Deacons are better than either Albany or Vermont who are competing for the America East automatic bid. I totally agree wth that, but reminded him that the NCAA is not about the best 65 teams, it’s about the conference winners and the 34 best teams left over. What makes the NCAA Tournament what is is, besides gambling on the brackets, is the inevitable Cinderella stories, David knocking off Goliath, etc. I hope the NCAA never loses sight of that appeal.

2:23 Just saw a nice closeup of Coach K working one of the game officials. Oh wait a miunte, he doesn’t do that. He doesn’t even like the word. Sorry, my mistake.

2:28 J. J. Redick had a rough first half against Wake. He twisted his knee and missed some game time, but fortunately was able to return to the game. Redick didn’t get a call late in the half and came out for the final few seconds. The cameras caught him yelling “F**k everybody.” Geez, J. J., even at Maryland the fans only wanted to f**k you, not everybody. Wouldn’t that tire you out even more?

2:38 Michigan State is beating Iowa 25-22 at halftime of a Big 10 semifinal. I’ve got two TV’s hooked up and that game is on the small screen. The last time I looked, neither team is shooting over 30%. There are some games neither team deserves to win, and I think this is one of them.

2:55 My friend Robin arrived, and Wake Forest’s Justin Gray immediately picked up his fourth foul. Since we’re rooting for the Deacons, this development was not welcomed. It was suggested that he not get too comfortable if that was the kharma he was going to bring in.

3:00 Robin saw my comments about players named Harvey and remembered Harvey Catchings, a center for the Philadelphia 76ers in the late 70’s, early 80’s. As a reward, he is invited to sit down and the CourtMrs fetches himi something to drink.

3:12 We’ve been noticing what seems to us as an unusual puffiness under Coach K’s eyes. Steve speculated that he was on steriods. Would that be a bad thing? Did he get hooked up by Barry Bonds? We need to sic those guys from the San Francisco Chronicle who just wrote the book on Bonds on the case.

3:17 With the slick look and dark suit that Iowa coach Steve Alford has today, doesn’t he look like he could make a cameo on “The Sopranos?” Bada bing!

3:25 Duke’s Greg Paulis is showing that he will be an outstanding point guard. He is a pretty good one right now.

3:38 We just finished a spirited discussion about why players wear undershits beneath their jerseys. I suppose we’ve already checked out on this game (a Duke win) haven’t we. By the way, for you youngun’s, Patrick Ewing started that trend when he played at Georgetown. He had a chest cold and wore one to absorb the sweat.

3:44 J. J. Redick made a comment during his post-game interview that got my pro-Maryland crowd riled up. In referring to the one ACC tournament he played in where Duke lost (in the 2004 final to Maryland), he mentioned that the Blue Devils might have been tired or let up a little bit. Let up a little bit! He could not admit that his team got outplayed and out-toughed by the Terps that day. It’s that kind of arrogance that leads to fans absolutely loathing Duke in general and Redick in particular.

More later.


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