Wednesday, March 22, 2006

USBWA Coach and Freshman of the Year

The USBWA announced these two major awards today, and I'm happy to say the winners in both cases were who I voted for; North Carolina's Roy Williams as Coach of the Year and Tyler Hansbrough as Freshman of the Year.

I have written throughout the season what a superlative job I thought 'ol Roy did this season. He never allowed his players to buy into the idea of a rebuilding season, setting the bar high for them then pushing them to clear it. Although I'm sure Williams feels the Tar Heels' stay in the NCAA tournament was too short, it does not diminish his accomplishments this year.

There were other good freshmen this season, but I can't think of one in a major conference who was pushed into becoming the focal point of his team's attack from day one. Hansbrough responded with passion, consistency, and maturity. He often rose to the occassion against Carolina's tougher opponents, but even when he didn't Hansbrought did not allow that to bring his energy level or focus down for their next game.

I'm glad enough of my colleagues agreed with me to send both of these honors to Chapel Hill.


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