Friday, April 14, 2006

Good News: From Liberia to Happy Valley

There is a wonderful cover story in this week's Sporting News about former Penn State defensive linemanTamba Hali. As an eight-year old, he watched public executions in his home country of Liberia. At 22 years old, he earned All-American honors as a defensive end at Penn State and will likely be chosen on the first day of the upcoming NFL draft. It's a great story about a family that became divided when the father escaped to the United States but was reunited over here years later. It's about survival and taking advantage of opportunities.

This is a very pleasant contrast from players who have been pampered since early in their high school careers and developed a sense of entitlement (one of my pet peeves). Hali has an appreciation for what he has now and hopefully will maintain that after he starts cashing checks in the NFL.


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