Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good News: A Student, Then an Athlete

UCLA cornerback Alterraun Verner is hardly your typical freshman big-time college football player. First off, he is the youngest player in the Pac-10; his 18th birthday is not until December 13. Secondly, he did not have to sweat his test scores and wait to see if he would be eligibile to play football this fall. He arrived on campus with 28 advanced placement credits from high school.

Verner's major is in math and applied sciences and he is considering entering medical school once he graduates, probably well before the normal four year schedule.

He can play a little football too. In his first game last week, he returned an interception for a touchdown, forced and recovered a fumble, and made two tackles.

Verner is someone who can truly be called a student-athlete.

Click here to read "UCLA: Playing It Smart" in the Los Angeles Daily News


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