Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thoughts from Championship Saturday-Part 3

4:10 In between games at the ACC tournament, we checked out the end of the Big 12 semifinal between Texas and Texas A&M. Robin astutely pointed out that with what seems like more teams on the bubble than usual this season, it would pique interest nationaly in games like this one involving other bubble teams. It should also lead to increased ratings tomorrow night for the selection show.

4:13 Watching North Carolina’s Wes Miller start out with two quick three-pointers, I mentioned that I was confident he was the only player to ever succesfully make the move from James Madison to North Carolina to play varsity basketball. I didn’t even look it up.

4:48 We’re following the Big 10 on the small screen, and things have not picked up in their second semifinal, Indiana vs. Ohio State. The Big 10 may have the highest conference RPI, but they are playing some of the ugliest basketball that’s been played this week.

4:51 We’re noticing that, not surprising, there is not a lot of support in Greensboro for Boston College. We wonder if the tournament will ever wind up in Boston. Heading that far up north in early March would not be a trip many fans from Florida or North Carolina would want to make. Then again, next year the tournament will be in Tampa. How does that happen? There’s not a ACC school within 250 miles of that city, but at least it should be warm.

5:10 Both games we were watching were on commercial, so I started flipping the remote (I’m a guy, that’s what we do). I landed on our local Fox Sports Net channel, and they were showing college wrestling. I pointed out that the Big 12 was the premiere wrestling conference in the nation. They patiently waited without comment for me to put one of the games back on.

5:40 Boston College has opened up a 14-point lead over North Carolina. We all feel Carolina has the best chance to beat Duke since they did last week, so we are not happy. Steve said he’d be happy to give Duke the trophy now as long as they promised not to actually play the game and force him to watch it. No dissenting opinion was offered. The Big 10 game still stinks, so we’re hanging in there with the ACC. We just can’t work up any enthusiasm for the Big 12 Nebraska-Kansas matchup.

5:45 I checked the three digital Fox Sports Net channels and found nothing but women’s basketball. If they eliminated women’s sports, would they just shut down Fox Sports Net?

6:10 Steve was very upset that North Carolina allowed Boston College to run down the shot clock with under a minute to go. He felt that was poor coaching by Roy Williams. He wouldn’t shut up about it until the game was over, which it mercifully was within a few minutes. I was able to put down the pillow I would have to use to smother him, and that pleased me. There would have been the investigation, probably a trial, and it could have really interfered with watching the NCAA tournament. Robin was also relieved he wouldn’t have to testify, and the CourtMrs wouldn’t have to worry about checking into conjugal visits in prison.

More later.


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