Saturday, March 11, 2006

Final Thoughts from Championship Saturday

8:40 Syracuse is off to a smoking hot start, making 10 of their first 14 hots. They lead 25-10, but we’re goint to stick with it. I suspect Pitt will come back and make a game out of it. Given the way they play, it probably won’t look pretty.

8:52 The Big East game is reminding us of games from the early days of the league, when the contests sometimes more closely resembled a rugby scrum than a basketball game. That was back in the 1980’s when John Thompson and his Hammerin’ Hoyas were running wild. The quality of the games has improved considerably since those days, and coaches aren’t focusing on recruiting thugs so much anymore.

9:00 We all grew up in the 1970’s, and it’s that background that led the CourtMrs to ask, “Why do they wear those stupid shorts?” “They’re cool,” I said. “No they’re not,” she replied, “they look like women’s coulotts.” I suppose it takes secure men to wear women’s clothes on the basketball court.

9:15 Trolling message boards during halftime of the Big East game, I see a thread titled “Why do people hate Coach K and Duke?” Steve said, “Do they want all the reasons, or just the top 40?” I’m so glad I didn’t smother him with the pillow.

There’s still some basketball left tonight, but unless something earth-shattering happens, Steve gets the last word.


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