Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gay On His Way to Being an NBA Underachiever

On his Sporting News blog, national college basketball writer Mike DeCourcy shares his views on how UConn's Rudy Gay will fare in the NBA. I'm linking to it because I share his views.

Gay, to the surprise of no one, declared for the NBA draft following his sophomore season. In his two years at Connecticut, he has teased fans with his talent. I don't know if anyone thinks either J. J. Redick or Adam Morrison is more talented than Gay, (I sure don't), yet Gay's name was mostly an afterthought in the Player of the Year debate this year that centered on Redick and Morrison.

If Gay's passion for the game even came close to matching that of either Redick or Morrison, he would have been the one making the tour picking up award hardware.

Decourcy writes, "Gay is a mirage. His talent says one thing. His performance says another. His talent says he is long, electrically quick, preternaturally balanced and extremely skilled. His performance says he is soft, reticent, uncertain of what type of player he is now or eventually should become."

That's pretty harsh, but it matches up with what I saw the last two years.


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