Friday, April 21, 2006

You Just Never Know Who's Reading

Last weekend, I commented on a story I linked to regarding a young man named Rafe Bartholomew who is on a Fullbright Scholarship to study basketball in the Philippines.

Lo and behold earlier this week, I received a nice e-mail from Mr. Bartholomew himself, still over in the Philippines. Here is his note below:


Thanks for the nice mention in your blog. I'm the Fulbright Scholar who's writing about basketball in the Philippines. I wanted to let you know I also have a blog, where I'm writing about my whole experience in the Philippines, including but not limited to basketball. I'm just having fun with it. You'll also find a link to a story I wrote in the Chicago Reader about a former DePaul player who spent his first season as a professional in the Philippine Basketball Association. Hope you enjoy it.

Rafe Bartholomew

Here is Rafe's blog, titled Manila Vanilla. He's obviously having a good time, and God bless him.

The moral of this story is directed toward my fellow bloggers. When we write about someone, no matter how far away they might be, you can never assume they won't read it; something to keep in mind, isn't it?


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